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    1. We Can All Be LinkedIn Influencers. Here's How

      We Can All Be LinkedIn Influencers. Here's How

      Want to get published next to Richard Branson and Guy Kawasaki?

      When LinkedIn launched the publishing network known as LinkedIn Influencer in 2012, members gained instant access to top voices in business like Richard Branson, Martha Stewart, and Arianna Huffington. Now you have the opportunity to join these powerful voices as LinkedIn opens the doors to its publishing platform to the public.

      Who Writes? Why publish? How do you make your post great?
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    2. Why Chronic Busyness Is Bad for Your Brain

      Why Chronic Busyness Is Bad for Your Brain

      A bunch of neuroscientists and a new book all argue that you really, really need to quit being busy all the time.

      The backlash against busyness continues.

      Even a casual poke around the internet or a quick chat around the average office watercooler will confirm Americans’ obsession with squeezing more productivity into each hour. According to a recent New York Times magazine article, we even view sleep as a way to be more productive.

      The Value of Switching on the Autopilot Struggling to Loaf?
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    3. 9 Key Things Successful Business Partners Always Do

      9 Key Things Successful Business Partners Always Do

      Are you going into business with the right person? The answer was apparently no in the case of Zipcar's founders. Here's what you can learn from them.

      1. Have a successful history together before founding a company. 2. Agree on vision. 3. Have the hard talks about money. 4. Decide who the real leader is. 5. Ensure you understand each others' commitment. 6. Have compatible, vital skills. 7. Have compatible styles. 8. Decide how to fill other positions. 9. Have a plan for happily ever after.
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    4. Building a Successful Social Media Campaign

      Building a Successful Social Media Campaign

      As an entrepreneur, you know all about the power of social media: It can help you build your brand, promote your business, and connect with customers. But before you write your next post or tweet, consider whether your current strategies are making efficient use of your time and resonating with your market.

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    1. (8 articles) Mark Zuckerberg
    2. (4 articles) Richard Branson
    3. (4 articles) Christine Lagorio
    4. (4 articles) Jeff Bezos
    5. (4 articles) Bill Gates
  2. ORGANIZATIONS in Small Business News this week

    1. (33 articles) Google
    2. (11 articles) Amazon.com
    3. (10 articles) Yahoo
    4. (8 articles) Apple
    5. (8 articles) Microsoft
  3. TOPICS in Small Business News this week

    1. (33 articles) Google
    2. (20 articles) New York
    3. (11 articles) Amazon.com
    4. (11 articles) San Francisco
    5. (10 articles) Yahoo
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    1. Always make sure that you're very glued into what your purpose is ... your clients.
      By Lindsay Broder
    2. The more you converse, the more you know about how your community works and why they need you. LinkedIn publisher opens up the door to community conversations.
      By Barbara Rozgonyi
    3. Two hours later, she was firing me.
      By Antje Danielson
    4. We developed an iPad application that basically took out human error.
      By Ariana Chernin
    5. We looked at what makes a great class in the fitness industry. We realized there were several variables, and we wanted to use technology to eliminate those variables.
      By Jillian Lorenz
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