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    1. (10 articles) Richard Branson
    2. (9 articles) Barack Obama
    3. (8 articles) Mark Zuckerberg
    4. (7 articles) Scott Gerber
    5. (6 articles) John Brandon
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    1. (68 articles) Google
    2. (41 articles) Apple Inc.
    3. (27 articles) Amazon.com
    4. (22 articles) Microsoft Corporation
    5. (20 articles) MIT
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    1. (68 articles) Google
    2. (41 articles) Apple Inc.
    3. (41 articles) New York
    4. (31 articles) California
    5. (28 articles) United States of America
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    1. People's worth is sometimes measured by how many meetings they have.
      By Jason Shah
    2. A company without a story is a company without a strategy.
      By Mark Andreessen
    3. Burger King is a household name, and this will focus the public's attention on this issue in a way that earlier inversions did not.
      By Chris Van Hollen
    4. I remember sitting at my desk for a long stretch of time just kind of rubbing my head and pushing on my temples just because my head just hurt.
      By Michael Elsesser
    5. If your goal doesn't scare you, it's not big enough.
      By Ellen Johnson Sirleaf
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    Richard Turcott

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