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    1. (16 articles) Barack Obama
    2. (14 articles) Richard Branson
    3. (9 articles) Bill Gates
    4. (5 articles) Mark Zuckerberg
    5. (5 articles) Steve Jobs
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    1. (49 articles) Google
    2. (33 articles) Apple Inc.
    3. (21 articles) Amazon.com
    4. (20 articles) Associated Press
    5. (17 articles) Microsoft Corporation
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    1. (49 articles) Google
    2. (37 articles) United States of America
    3. (33 articles) Apple Inc.
    4. (31 articles) New York
    5. (21 articles) Amazon.com
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    1. The fact that he overachieved by turning cash flow positive this quarter. That's a great milestone.
      By Colin Gillis
    2. I have never shaved and have had a beard since I was sixteen and it's done me no harm. In some ways it has helped me stand out from the crowd.
      By Richard Branson
    3. If you are instead focused on client acquisition, you have the opportunity to dig deeper and find additional ways to create real value. A more strategic level of value.
      By Anthony Iannarino
    4. It's a hyper-eclectic group of people.
      By Josh Tetrick
    5. The JOBS Act lets you do non-deal road shows, and in September we gave many investors in the IPO an introduction to OnDeck.
      By Noah Breslow
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    Richard Turcott

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