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  1. PEOPLE in Small Business News this week

    1. (12 articles) Barack Obama
    2. (9 articles) Richard Branson
    3. (9 articles) Mark Zuckerberg
    4. (8 articles) Scott Gerber
    5. (6 articles) Jeff Bezos
  2. ORGANIZATIONS in Small Business News this week

    1. (52 articles) Google
    2. (28 articles) Apple Inc.
    3. (23 articles) Microsoft Corporation
    4. (19 articles) Amazon.com
    5. (17 articles) McDonald
  3. TOPICS in Small Business News this week

    1. (52 articles) Google
    2. (32 articles) New York
    3. (28 articles) Apple Inc.
    4. (23 articles) Microsoft Corporation
    5. (21 articles) San Francisco
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  5. What People Are Saying

    1. A person's name is to that person, the sweetest, most important sound in any language.
      By Dale Carnegie
    2. People don't realize how disruptive interruptions can be.
      By Cyrus Foroughi
    3. You might need extra money for promotion with only a few weeks to go.
      By Liv Longley
    4. By knowing the speaker you can determine the flow of the day.
      By Liv Longley
    5. Not having the strongest Wi-Fi possible can lead to some pretty negative and interesting feedback.
      By Liv Longley
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    Richard Turcott

    Richard Turcott is a small business advocate, career tech start-up CEO/CMO, customer experience enthusiast, 14x marathon runner, 2x ultra-marathon runner and 20+ year marketer.

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