How Emailing “I Love You” Translated Into $1 Million In Data Analysis Revenue


It’s a meaningful way to end an email—an aside to a lover; a greeting to a family member; an apology to someone you care for deeply. It’s also how Anand Sanwal frequently closes his daily business data newsletter. He’s the founder and CEO of CB Insights, a private market intelligence firm startup. The company offers many analysis products, including reports and research-oriented apps and plug ins.

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Why Businesses Don’t Need to Be Helpless About Homelessness


Here’s how a few Los Angeles entrepreneurs took on Hollywood’s rising homelessness problem and what you can learn from them about being pragmatic while having a heart.Rising homelessness in Hollywood was taking its toll on area businesses. Local entrepreneurs took it on themselves to do something about it. Here’s what you can learn from them about being pragmatic while having a heart.

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How To Break Open The Web | Fast Company


One of us is writing this piece from an airplane over the Atlantic Ocean. The other is working from his home in California. Not long ago this would have sounded like science fiction. Today it’s becoming routine in a world where we do more and more with amazing digital tools on far-flung networks. But there’s a catch. We’re doing this on an Internet that is breaking its original promise. We rarely think about how it works, how our data moves around the Internet.

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4 Ways To Be a Standout This Summer


It’s inevitable: the weather warms up, school lets out, happy hours start earlier, and it’s like we all take a big collective sigh as summer rolls in for real. It’s certainly good to take a break with the people we care about – and there’s no question summer is an opportune time to do it. But with so many people taking summer vacations, long weekends, or simply beating it out of the office a little early, it can be harder to accomplish what’s needed.

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