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    1. The 5 Ways to Avoid Being Surprised by Taxes

      The 5 Ways to Avoid Being Surprised by Taxes

      True confession: Seven years ago, I was on the verge of bankruptcy. I managed to get my creditors paid off (very, very slowly), but I was still looking at a huge tax liability. It was so bad, I had to go on an installment plan with the IRS to pay off the $40,000 or so I still owed in taxes. The interest rate the government charged me was surprisingly reasonable—something around 7 percent. But when it added penalties, the rates moved up to somewhere around mafia loan shark territory.

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    1. (11 articles) Richard Branson
    2. (10 articles) Warren Buffett
    3. (10 articles) Tim Cook
    4. (9 articles) Mark Zuckerberg
    5. (9 articles) Steve Jobs
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    1. (35 articles) Google
    2. (28 articles) Apple Inc.
    3. (21 articles) Amazon.com
    4. (18 articles) Associated Press
    5. (12 articles) Microsoft Corporation
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    1. (35 articles) Google
    2. (31 articles) New York
    3. (28 articles) Apple Inc.
    4. (21 articles) Amazon.com
    5. (21 articles) United States of America
  4. What People Are Saying

    1. Locals are not really part of the party.
      By Aaron Drucker
    2. The typical metrics used to measure real estate markets -; such as local job growth -; don't apply here.
      By Neisin Kasdin
    3. There is a marketing benefit of having a brand that is recognized outside the market.
      By Liam Bailey
    4. I think it's going to be a huge landmark for Miami and, I think, worldwide.
      By Juan Pablo Verdiquio
    5. People look at these apartments as bank accounts.
      By Gil Dezer
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