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    1. Local Retailer Push-Back Against hopping on Thanksgiving Day

      Local Retailer Push-Back Against hopping on Thanksgiving Day

      Despite the large-retailer trend toward Thanksgiving store openings, many small retailers across the United States are continuing to put their foot down—and have committed to staying closed. “We've always felt that it's important for our employees to be able to spend time with their own families as well as here in the store,” Lilah Reichley , who owns three Hallmark stores with her husband in Dayton, Ohio, told her local Fox news station. “Thanksgiving is kind of a time for us to take a deep breath and get ready to go into the rest of the fourth quarter.”

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    2. Paths Female CEOs Took to the Top

      Paths Female CEOs Took to the Top

      This is interesting: Harvard Business Review just published some research on how large-company female CEOs reached the top. The authors looked at the career paths of 24 women who head Fortune 500 companies.

      They do say they were testing the standard assumption that these women took “the most competitive business tracks, like investment banking and management consulting.”

      It turned out, however, that the standard assumption wasn’t particularly accurate.

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    3. Election Results 2014: Minimum Wage

      Election Results 2014: Minimum Wage

      The federal minimum wage is $7.25; of the states voting on referendums, only Alaska currently sets a minimum wage higher than that, at $7.75. Until the mid-1980s, Alaska was the only state that had a higher minimum wage than the federal level. Today, 23 states and the District of Columbia do; that number will go to 26 in January, when higher minimum wages take effect in Hawaii, Maryland and West Virginia.

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