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    1. The business case against Indiana's religious act

      The business case against Indiana's religious act
      Indiana Gov. Mike Pence has signed into law the Religious Freedom Restoration Act despite fierce opposition by business leaders within the state.

      The law, signed Thursday, allows businesses to use an owner's faith as a reason to refuse service to customers, including same-sex married couples. The risks from the act range from potential workplace lawsuits on religious grounds to a broader and deeper business chill in the state, with money-making conferences and major corporations threatening to pull out, difficulty attracting key job creators like tech companies and a wide-ranging ripple effect on small-business owners.
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    2. Great Business Leaders Mind Their Own Business

      Great Business Leaders Mind Their Own Business

      True story: I have a client - a landscaping company. The company's owner holds a "voluntary prayer session" every morning in the office before crews go out to work. The prayers are to God and to Jesus. He's a very nice guy and clearly a religious man. And he wants his employees to benefit from his own faith in the Lord. Remember...it's just "voluntary.

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    3. 4 Key Elements of a Successful Focus Group

      4 Key Elements of a Successful Focus Group

      The one-way mirrors are back! Focus groups can be a powerful way to inform company exploration into new areas—for example, when entering a new category of business, or understanding how consumers view and interact with a brand.

      Surveys tend to be better for more quantitative research—yes/no questions and objective issues like pricing. But for squishy areas like ideas and opinions, a focus group can be the best way to listen to your target market tell stories and share ideas.

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    4. The panic tax

      The panic tax

      Systems under severe stress degrade.

      While individuals might do extraordinary work while pumped with adrenalin (lifting a car, running through a burning building), panic can decrease the efficacy of a system by 30% or more--often completely destroying it.

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      Mentions: Orlando
    5. 5 Tips For Small Businesses During Tax Season

      5 Tips For Small Businesses During Tax Season

      Tax season is upon us and that means for many small business owners the next couple of weeks will be spent going through their records and dredging through receipts to try to cobble together a picture of their company’s finances over the last year. While more than 70% of small businesses outsource their tax preparation according to the 2015 Small Business Accounting Report, this doesn’t mean small business owners don’t have work to do.

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    6. Startup Ideas for Budding Business Owners (Infographic)

      Startup Ideas for Budding Business Owners (Infographic)

      Female entrepreneurs: how fundable is your venture idea? If you’re not sure, perhaps the folks at Funders and Founders can help. Startup evangelists there have put together an infographic (with help from seed accelerator Y Combinator ) that details several hot industries they deem worth getting into. From energy and diversity to biotech and robots, there are multiple options available for women (and men) seeking a growth-oriented and funding-friendly path to business ownership.

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    7. The Top 30 "Internet of Things" Experts

      The Top 30 "Internet of Things" Experts

      IoT is still in its infancy, but the details are getting clearer. As more and more devices are connected to the internet it's apparent that the data between these connected physical devices will help people lose weight, drive smarter (or go driverless) take better care of our children, and monitor our homes. Still, we're now adding hundreds of devices every second and that number is only accelerating. We still can't appreciate what the future holds for IoT. But we can turn to experts that are researching and subsequently communicating about the importance of the space in order to prepare for it. These thought-leaders have become the voices ...

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      Mentions: Cisco Guy Kawasaki
    8. How Much Do Taxes Affect Startup Investment Incentives?

      How Much Do Taxes Affect Startup Investment Incentives?

      Taxes create a wedge between what a new venture earns and what investors receive, boosting the hurdle rate that must be met in order to attract funding. In a recent study, we examined how big this effect is, how it varies across industries, and how it differs between startups and established businesses. To do so, we combined all of the features of the federal tax code—rates, deductions, credits, special provisions, etc.—into a single measure known as a marginal effective tax rate (METR).

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