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    1. Alibaba Sees Spike in British Fashion Sourcing Inquiries

      Alibaba Sees Spike in British Fashion Sourcing Inquiries
      Retailers and online merchants are taking advantage of a renewed interest in British fashion generated by the Queen's Diamond Jubilee and the popularity of the television show Downton Abbey, and product-sourcing site Alibaba.com has evidence to prove it, with supplier inquiries for British fashion items and accessories up significantly year-over-year.
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    2. PostalVision 2020 Conference Tackles USPS Reform Next Week

      There's a lot of talk about legislation designed to help the U.S. Postal Service cope with its financial crisis. PostalVision 2020 is a meeting taking place next week in which a diverse group of government officials, labor leaders, members of the shipping industry and others take a broader look and consider the Postal Service in the context of the essential services that it provides, and how to ensure its viability in the long term.
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    3. News Brief: What Investors Look for in Online Merchants, Google v PayPal

      Venture capitalists are looking to finance retailers that have figured out how to shake up the e-commerce; eBay runs Father's Day sweepstakes tied to Facebook; PayPal processes 60% of web transactions, but Google is the fastest payment gateway; this and more from around the web in today's ecommerce news roundup!
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